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Protection, management, and optimisation of all business processes internationally, singularly or in combination:

From a single sales deed to complete 360° legal protection.

With skilled and experienced lawyers instantly at your fingertips, your venture gets the safety net it needs to soar internationally.


With MyLawCare International, you never have to worry about legal security again.

Plus, it is 100% online, end-to-end. No hassle.


MyLawCare International is the first of its kind in India. This internationally focused, constantly updating and centrally managed system keeps you safe from scams and makes your agreements and transactions legally airtight.


What’s more, we connect you to schemes, programs, grants and tax benefits best suited to your business from across the globe!

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    Why MyLawCare?


    How do you select a lawyer for me?

    – Our Case Manager notes important query details like location, area of law, budget, availability and more on call. 

    – We then find the perfect lawyer for you from a database of 1000+ consultants across India.

    – Confirmation, updates, and reminders are sent via WhatsApp or Email or SMS.

    Legal compliance refers to measures, auditing and tax regulations, procedural requirements, meetings, licences, paperwork etc. which ensure smooth functioning of the industry in a fair and transparent manner. Regulatory authorities like SEBI, RBI, TRAI etc. create, manage and ensure that these regulations are upheld. If not complied with, depending on the regulation, one may have to pay hefty fines OR shut down business OR lose practice licence OR even face trial.

    Whether company registration is needed for online sellers?

    Yes, if you’re doing any business you are required to register such business either as a Company or a Firm or an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) or a Sole proprietorship. Books need to be maintained as well as a current account to accept online payments.

    What is the importance of acquiring a trademark for a business?

    Trademarks allow your business to create a brand that stands out from your competitors. It makes it easier for clients to find you. It also attracts good talent and makes hiring easier. Most importantly, it prevents competition from imitating your successful business to poach clients and harm your goodwill in the market. Lastly, these are a valuable asset and can be bought and sold like any other property so always a good investment.

    What is trademark watch service and how can it be used as a means of protecting one’s trademark application?

    Monitoring a valuable property like Trademark to ensure that no one else is stealing it and poaching your clients is called ‘Trademark watch’.

    If you catch someone infringing on your trademark, you gain the option to oppose it or settle it amicably or even sell your trademark.