About Us

MyLawCare connects clients to the right legal professionals across India.

We are a team of dynamic young professionals looking to revolutionise how India does legal.
First of a kind in the country, we are a homegrown, globally connected, and centrally managed LegalTech company bringing top-shelf legal services to the common person. Our network of specialised legal professionals works in all areas of law and is directly accessible to clients across the globe. Meanwhile, we manage structure, logistics, and connecting you to the right lawyer.

Our goal is to create a New Legal Ecosystem where clients can reach lawyers who are competent, dependable, and the right fit for them. Where all variables like location, area of law, budget, and other specifications are aligned.

How do we do it?

Our well-designed products offer clients affordable, quality, and practicable service that fits the size of their legal needs. Unlike others, our business services are industry-specific, constantly updated, centrally managed, and in tune with government schemes best suited to your business.

What's more, it is 100% online. End-to-end.

Process driven

Legal expertise is just a starting point for us. We design processes and technology that deliver consistent legal work to you faster, and for less cost.

Efficiency focused

We find small changes that make a big difference. We collect data on your contracts and internal processes to remove sticking points to dramatically reduce turnaround time.

Process driven

We’re always looking for ways to improve legal workstreams. We learn and match your risk appetite to tailor our work to you.

Most uniquely, we offer Professional Legal Solutions to Businesses that wish to reduce bad debt, protect from fraud, avail government and international growth opportunities, and expand with minimal effort and complete security. This includes Contract Lifecycle management, Intellectual Property management, Regulatory and Compliance, Due diligence, Employment contract management, Taxation and more! These different work streams can be availed in part, or combination, or complete 360° packages.


All workstreams airtight and secure to soar


Efficient use and upkeep of all business resources


Continually improve systems and reduce rework


Fast & convenient


Professionals with the right expertise come to you.

Minimal rework

Select legal experts from all over India

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