LegalTech and The Future of Law

legal tech and innovation

LegalTech refers to the use of technology to improve the delivery of services, enhance efficiency of legal processes, and provide better access to justice.

10 Things A Lawyer Will Never Tell You! (Part – Two)

Lawyers often need advice, permissions, documentation work, and references from other lawyers in various fields across the country. Chances are, your lawyer is looking for someone to do the main work while he presents as the first point of contact for you. And guess what? You are paying extra for this connection. Plus, you have […]

10 Things A Lawyer Will Never Tell You! (Part – One)

Legal service is a business like any other, with its own set of pros and cons.  This is why we at MLC are here to let you in on all the insider info. Read on to find out what a lawyer may never tell you. It’s impossible for lawyers to know all the laws thoroughly […]